Teacher Drama

I’ve never been a teacher’s pet.

Actually, I’ve always been weird towards my teachers in elementary and high school. It feels as though they’re not ordinary people– i.e. people that I can be friends and joke around with.

Quoting from Mean Girls,

“Seeing a teacher outside of school is like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs. It’s weird.”

It’s the same feeling for me. It’s just so weird.

This changed when I started college, especially when I  became a student assistant where I got to work closely with teachers. I still did not become a teacher’s pet (as I believe) but I did had a teacher or two that really made an impact on my life.

This one teacher, which also became our thesis adviser, made me (and all students under him) really love Materials Engineering (my degree). I cannot even describe the way he teaches. But all I can say is that every one listens and every one learns some thing. Add to this, he is so kind and approachable. I even dreamed (and still hopes) to be a teacher because that’s how an inspiration he was to us. And I am so happy and proud that he still continues to be an inspiration to future Materials and Metallurgical Engineers. 🙂


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