Scene: You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear.

Challenge: Describe what’s in the room.


I would have to admit I have many fears.

  • Fear of heights — not so much any more but still… overpass and roof decks? yikes!
  • Fear of being in the middle and under the deep blue sea — the nothingness and the suffocation!
  • Fear of vomiting — the icky and empty feeling. ugh!
  • Fear of death of a loved one — 😦
  • Fear of being stupidly in love — oh yes! hit me on the head when this happens.
  • Fear of being a parent — you’ll never know how your child will turn out and its all thanks to you. scary!
  • Fear of being on stage alone or the center of attention — slowly conquering this one but not quite there yet…
  • Fear of dogs, cats, cockroaches — basically anything that moves, really…

…and the list goes on.

But to identify my “greatest fear”? That would be tricky. And I do not think it can be contained in only one room.

I guess the best answer to this question is a combination of one or more of the fears I have listed above. The  greatest will be if ALL of those fears experienced at once or in a room. Right? *cringe*

Side note: Talking about combination of fears, this made me remember the book I recently read– “Life of Pi”. Now that is what you call the ultimate greatest fear. Loss of family. Stranded in the middle of the Pacific with a predator. To live or not to live? Death would be less scary compared to his circumstance.


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