Take Two: Trees and Books

Warning: This post is cheesy and a little preach-y. Don’t blame me. Blame Daily Prompt. 😛


Trees and books.
Well, based on the pictures I got, this should be plants and books. (I Just can’t get a good angle of the only tree in our street.)

Trees, nowadays represent our environment. I mean, when we say we say “mother earth”, the first thing that comes to our mind is a tree. Today, society has been more conscious in saving mother earth. And many of the people’s first reaction to saving the environment is to save the trees — No to illegal logging, more tree planting activities, etc.

With this, companies that aim to help the environment start with reducing the use of papers in their work environment. And with the technology available today, paper has been replaced by digital or soft copies. This has gone as far as billing notices, newsletters, and (of course) books.

I, myself, understand this cause. Why injure a tree when there is another way? But the bookworm side of me is selfish. There’s something about the smell and feel of an actual book that gets to me. One cannot replace physical books with e-books for me.

For this, I am eternally grateful for the trees. I think, this is one sacrifice of the environment that we should all be thankful for. This means, we should take care of these by-products and not let them go to waste. We should read and treasure these books because the environment has given a part of it for them to be printed.

So for the love of books and trees, let us buy and read books but also try to reduce unnecessary paper use in other parts of our lives.


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