Sometimes I just don’t get it. Life.
Why do some of us have to work so hard
for the things we believe and others don’t?
Why do some of us care so much?
Why are some of us selfish by nature
and some of us are selfish to survive?

– Struck By Lightning, 2012

This is so spot on.

This applies not only for high school life (as where the movie was set) but to life in its entirety.

I would go on every day with these questions. And every day I would always be in a dilemma. Should I care too much when I see others don’t? It makes everything so frustrating. I mean, why do others just live their day to day just to get by when life is so full of possibilities and chances to make every day and every thing they do they’re best?

I don’t mean that everyone should be hard on themselves to succeed or whatever. At least fight for what they believe in with the passion it requires and not just take in or give in to whatever’s handed out to them. But it is hard to do this when others will make you feel that you’re too obsessive, far-reaching and weird. Yes, weird. Weird for caring so much. Wanting so bad to make things right and better.

Shouldn’t we be doing our best and living to the fullest? For this, I admire the people that when they we choose to do something, they do it good and give it they’re all. I hope we can all be like this and I wish others will have the same level of appreciation to give us the space and respect to do it.

Here’s to a better world! Cheers!

Side Note: Chris Colfer star and wrote Struck By Lightning. I am in awe. He is one amazing person. I’m now a huge fan.


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