Polite Company

Daily Prompt: Polite Company
“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really
know.” Agree or disagree?

Super agree.
Well, this is especially when talking with me.

I tend to be overly dramatic and attached when it comes to talk about politics.

When it comes to religion, I am open-minded — having grown up in a place where two different religious communities live and openly practice their tradition.

But I just can’t take it when others are not. I tend to overreact to people’s lack of knowledge on the matter but they tend to act like they’re have and they are absolutely right. One can never be absolutely sure. But their minds are so closed and fixed that they cannot even let others be with their beliefs.

For people who know me well, they already know this and really not take offense (I hope) with the way I tend to react. But still we avoid the topics, if we can. So with people I really don’t know, I avoid it entirely. Or if it can’t be avoided, I try hardest to keep my mouth shout… but if things are starting to get pretty ugly, I find a good excuse to leave.


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