Heart Roots Gloom

Today’s Daily Prompt topic result really got me laughing.
It said to write down the first words that comes to mind when we say:
Home, soil, and rain.
And to use these words as the title of today’s post.

… these are the words that I wrote:
Home == heart
Soil == roots
rain == gloomy

Now, isn’t this just perfect? My cynicism really shows in whatever I do, huh? Well, I may not agree with this most of the time but sometimes the heart really is the cause to some of our gloom.

Loving too much. Wanting too much.
Letting our hearts think first before our brains.
With this premise, I believe Lauren Oliver was able to come up with her Delirium book series.
It’s just absolute genius to consider that:
… What if “love is a disease”?
… What if the feelings associated with love are symptoms of this sickness?
… What if it’s not a matter of choice that we love but just a result of our chemically imbalanced brain?

While reading it, I wanted to hurl because of the cheesiness but at the same time wanted to give Oliver a big pat on the back. If you think about it, it’s so corny but how she wrote and treated everything logically, really made up for every mushy detail.

Now, let’s turn down the negativity a notch, the heart may cause sadness but it also causes all the unexplained joy in the world. I guess, its just a matter of how many tears you can endure for a few of these laughter.


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