That Stings!

Daily Prompt: That Stings!
Franz Kafka said, “we ought to read only books that bite and sting us.” What’s the last thing you read that bit and stung you?

Life of Pi by Yann Martel
I was stung really hard by this masterpiece.

At the start of reading the book, it made realize that we are all cast aways in the great sea of life. Learning how to survive. Fearful of the big world surrounding us that sometimes feel like an ocean never ending.

So basically, Pi’s activities for survival is also same with living or surviving real life in a situation wherein you are left or at least feel alone. Alone. No family and friends but with situations you fear and don’t fully understand. The questions now are: will you just give up trying to survive or go on? If you decide to go on, how?

Belief in God. Religion.
Keep yourself busy. Forget the concept of time.
Learn from experience to be able to adapt.
Have a book. Hopefully, a long one with a never-ending story.

… And finally: Do things you don’t think you would ever do.
Now this last part really made me cringe. This is what bit and stung me so hard that at first, I refused to believe it. I am not going to expound for I would not want to spoil any one. Let’s just say, Pi would not have survived if it weren’t for Richard Parker. Good book. *sigh*

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