Ode to Golden Bell

Daily Prompt: Ode to a Playground

A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.


Golden Bell was Zamboanga’s bookstore, an office/school supplies store, appliance and grocery store.

But for me, it was more than a store… it was my playground.
It’s a part of all the wonderful memories when I was a child.

I remember before the start of every school year, my mother took my sisters and I there to buy school supplies and we would be so psyched. We each get to choose our own notebook covers and cute little erasers. To have brand new notebooks, pens, and art supplies that we get to choose were priceless feelings. I don’t know why.

Every Sunday after church, my family and I would have lunch and then I would beg my parents to bring us here so that I can browse the new released books and see if there were new stationery designs. (We were collecting stationery before and sometimes trade them for better and cool ones. So it was necessary to also be on the look out for new designs.)

Also, I will never forget that Golden Bell was the place where my parents would bring me (on separate occasions) after every spontaneous lunch time school visits. And every time  I go back for the afternoon classes with a new autograph book from Golden Bell. So imagine how many autograph books I had signed throughout my elementary days. Close to filling up a shoe box!

Lastly, Golden Bell was the place my best-est friends and I would always visit during weekends. We were only in the fourth or fifth grade then, but I remember my parents would give me Php200 (Php100 from my mother, another Php100 from my father without my mom knowing), and I always spent them on jeepney fare home (my dad always brings me to the town), lunch, and all the rest for books! I can still recall the P59.75 Sweet Valley books that I always bought and collected.

All these wonderful memories, all from Golden Bell.

Christmas in August.
Excitement for first day of school.
The cool plastic stationery my sister got.
My first cassette tape.
My first book.
My childhood.
My playground.

Children today may not get to have the same experience but I hope you’ll be at peace knowing you made one child happy and gave one adult the lasting good memories.

Good bye.


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