Through the Window

Daily Prompt: Through the Window

Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

— It’s already very dark out but the next door neighbor’s garden light got me to see some of the things outside.

My room’s on the second floor, so my view is pretty much the roof of the neighbor and their windows of the second floor rooms.

I cannot make out what’s inside their rooms because they have already turned off their lights and are probably already sleeping. But just outside their window and up on the roof is a white cat sleeping. The cat seems peaceful but cold. He/she is so curled up and tucked in so very close to the wall, just so it would be under the second floor outside roofing.

I was staring for a bit longer when I was caught by surprise by the light inside the neighbor’s room suddenly turning on. Apparently, the owner just got home. The unexpected noise woke the sleeping cat and it started to look at every direction, obviously very startled.

Afraid that the cat would jump to my bedroom’s open window and embarrassed for my neighbor to think I’m prying, I automatically closed my windows. And all this happened in less than a minute. Yikes!


6 thoughts on “Through the Window

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