Think Global, Act Local : Poverty

Daily Prompt: Think Global, Act Local

“Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one.

Since I’m somewhat already talking about one global issue in my earlier post (Undeserving Poor), I think I might continue from there.

It’s really hard for me to start this post because poverty is such a daunting issue.
Every nation in the world has to face this. Some have to deal with less locally, but no nation turns their head away from it– thus, the financial aids to less developed countries.

Even making and keeping a list of the causes of poverty is a very tedious task. One can create generic ones — a list of general causes that may apply to all nations suffering from poverty. But, at the end of the day, the cause of poverty really differs from one country to the other. And since almost all nations are now connected because of globalization, finding the root causes of poverty may start with a web of issues coming from various spider sources.

Just thinking about it, you become helpless. How can you help the poor? How can you help when you, yourself, are having money problems? Maybe not the same level as the absolute poor, which lives below the poverty line. But most of us are relatively poor, never really absolutely rich (unless your Bill Gates or something). Even if we have a little something, some still want something more. So we are never truly rich. This scares me.

Ever since I started working, this thought already haunts me. We will never be content financially, unless we choose to be. Choose to live a certain lifestyle and accept certain limitations. Of course, we can and should aspire to have more but not to the point that it rules us. Not to the point that it takes over our happiness, our passion, and our morals. Money is a tool for us to be able to live but is not our life.

As for helping the absolute poor, I believe giving them money directly will not solve their poverty. But supporting programs that help them have sustainable development will. So I think, for now, all we can do really is keep paying taxes, volunteer or give to an organization you believe in, and pray. Pray for the wisdom and purity of world leaders, pray for patience, and pray for contentment.


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