Daily Prompt: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

You need to make a major change in your life. Do you make it all at once, cold turkey style, or incrementally?


Okay. That’s a bit dramatic.
I understand that change is inevitable and is always necessary if it’s for the better.
But I really dislike it.

If I feel like a major change is going to happen or must happen, I start to panic! I tend to over think things. So this makes me really uncomfortable and I really want to make sure that whatever this change may bring, I have to be totally prepared to face it head on. And once it’s done, it’s done. No regrets. Either I have to stick with it or do something to make it work or make it better. Always forward. But as I still have the time to plan, I stress over it to execute the change as smoothly as possible. No f*ck ups.

This makes me prefer big changes as long as it comes with a concrete path as to where this change is leading. And since I hate constant change, I hope it would be one HUGE change rather than prolong the stress and inconvenience of constantly keeping up with small ones.

Now… imagine me with sudden changes! I HATE IT!
I hate it when I’m caught unprepared. Being the drama queen that I am, I over react. I get emotional and start to bring out my stubbornness. To be caught off guard feels like I’ve lost control of something. Then it makes me start thinking dark thoughts, like how the world is so unfair or whatever. And mind you, this goes for all changes! Even good ones. I don’t know. I just want things to come with a warning or a prior notice.

Gosh! This makes me sound like a control freak. Maybe I am. I’m not sure. haha.

Anyway, that’s the drama queen side of me. My rational side, however, is more understanding.

In my more than two decades of existence, I’ve had my fair share of surprises and constant changes. I believe I’ve dealt with most of them pretty good. Even though I feel a certain way about it, I have learned to CHOOSE to feel another. Regardless of my initial reaction, I always got to assess and choose how to treat the change.

If it’s a good change, I roll my eyes then rejoice and go with it!
If it’s a change for the worst, I roll my eyes then take a deep breath and change it again.
If I can’t change it, I fight my hardest to change my attitude.
But I learned from Maya Angelou to never complain.

I heard her say this when she was on Oprah:

Don’t complain. If you don’t like something, change it.
If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

It’s hard to follow through, but it truly helps. It makes you aware that there’s always something you can do about it. There’s always a CHOICE. You can choose to change the situation or yourself. Just stop whining.

(Side Note: Okay. Whine for five minutes, then get over it. Do something about it already. :P)


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