Writing Room

Daily Prompt: Writing Room

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

I really had to think carefully of this wish for I would not want it to be a waste.
So I started doodling.

I am not much of an artist so all I came up with was a long reclining chair where you can also put your feet up, a table that can be moved to be placed on top of the chair and moved away if not in use, and a view of the ocean. But then taking a step back, I realized, it looked like a hospital room with the adjustable bed and the swivel-y table. It was a room in a hospital by the sea!

I laughed, tore the drawing, and thought: What the heck! This shouldn’t be so hard. Reading is one of my favorite tasks in the world. And writing has become a new passion. To be able to read and write is already perfect for me. Heck! I now read and write in a roll up bed on the floor surrounded by my favorite books and I am already in cloud nine.

Well, okay. I do wish for a better place and that would be my very own library!

  • I wish it to be surrounded by books from floor to the ceiling with a large desk in the middle– large enough to be a dining table for six!
  • On one corner is a lamp and a big lazy boy couch where I can put my feet up.
  • Also, I wish it to have a feeling of a rainy day outside — not warm but not too cold.
  • As for the view, it would be nice see nature a field of green, a big garden or the ocean perhaps.

Above all, music should not be absent from the room. Though I rarely listen to music while reading and writing, it would be a nice break and source of inspiration and motivation for doing so.


8 thoughts on “Writing Room

  1. Floor to ceiling books with antique furniture and french doors that open to a serenity pond…oh and a huge fireplace along one wall with sofa…ahhh I dream….Great post!

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