Call Me Maybe, milady!

Daily Prompt: Call Me, Maybe

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

My phone is like my own lady-in-waiting.

It wakes me up (but seldom successful in actually getting me up) every morning.
It reminds me of events and tasks that I need to attend to.
It gets me through boring times.
It acts as a courier for me to my friends and loved ones.

But no matter how often we spend time together, I never seem to get too attached to it.
And even though I see the convenience it brings when it comes to speeding up communication, I still opt to speak and bond with people face-to-face.

Basically, I need my phone the most for when I’m meeting with someone or addressing issues that need immediate response. But when I’m just at home (alone or not) or have already met up with people doing whatever, I tend to forget that I have a phone.

It’s always on silent mode.
Like a maid accompanying her lady, it just sits in the corner afraid to disturb its owner for anything but is always ready to be disturbed if ever its lady needs anything from it.

If I lose it, however, (or even just forgot for a moment where I put it) I am like a scared little princess afraid that some gypsies have taken away my lady’s maid with no one to blame but my lack of regard for it. Plus, finding a new respectable and experienced lady’s maid is not that easy and not to mention, expensive.

Like a proper lady, I refuse to not have a proper lady-in-waiting.
Even if I know I could do without it. And even if the commoners say otherwise.

(Side note: I need my butler more, though. And that’s my iPad mini. :P)


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