Sense or Sensibility?

The human emotion is a very complex thing. It’s a mystery to me.

Scientists are convinced that every emotion we feel are so because of the different enzymes, proteins, or whatever neuro mumbo-jumbo it is our brains are excreting or exhibiting. As a person with a science background, I understand and see the logic to this.

However, the sensible side of me is wondering… it also may be the other way around. What if all those enzymes are present and all those certain brain activities are active because of the emotions we are feeling? If this is so, does this mean our emotions are still a mystery? Like spirituality. Or are emotions acquired reactions over the years given the different factors we are faced with?

Is there really a common source for all our emotions? Can it be really explained scientifically or is it a divine thing?

Knowing how are brain works is one thing. But can you really force a person to be happy or make him feel angry just by tweaking it or adding certain proteins to it? People drinking antidepressants or taking lithium or whatever medication for their brain problems are never fully healed right? Or are they? If they are, they still need to get therapy. So this means that the drugs are not enough. SO there must be something more to it. It’s never an exact science.

Ugh. Mind boggling.
What do you think?

This post is in response to Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure.
Side Note: Talk about an open-ended post. The daily post for Feb6 really got me panicked. I don’t have the time and confidence to write a short story yet. So I opted for post with questions that bother me instead. One day, I will write a short story. I’ll keep you posted. *fingers crossed*

3 thoughts on “Sense or Sensibility?

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