Karma Chameleon

Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon

Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

I really don’t believe in reincarnation.

Not that I’m saying it’s not true or that it has no basis or whatever.
I respect and understand where people who believe in it are coming from but I just don’t see it the way they do.

My belief is that we are born with unique souls. One that we treasure, value, and enrich until the Lord comes again. Okay, so now you know I’m a Catholic because that’s just it. When people talk about reincarnation, you cannot really help but start talking about religion because it is a concept of a religious belief.

Karma, on the other hand, I believe. Well, not to the point where reincarnation comes in. Like you are poor now because in the past life you were a bad person or something. I believe that karma does exist in the life you live now. And that “you get what you deserve” and for every action you choose to do, there’s a reaction connected to it.

14 thoughts on “Karma Chameleon

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  3. To be fair, I’ve met my fair share of Christians who believed in Reincarnation to boot. While I do agree with you on the point we all have very unique and individualistic Souls, my counterpoint to that is, who says reincarnation is not simply another way to enrich that unique soul? Some believe we incarnate until our souls have accumulated all that it can eventually ascending to become “One” with the creator or – since your Catholic – return to Heaven to rejoice and rejoin the Creator.

    The subject of Reincarnation can be such a lengthy and complicated answer depending on who you ask. I see ways I could expand on it further, but I’d prefer to address what I came here to address and K.I.S. (Keep it simple). I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and feelings on it. πŸ™‚ I may not agree and I may not walk the same path but I appreciate them regardless.

    • The idea of enriching one unique soul is interesting and I do believe that it is actually enriched. However, I don’t think that it can get past one human lifetime (enriching the soul, i mean.) Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I love that you took the time to share your thoughts on this. I really haven’t thought about this topic that much. They’re all just on top of my head. I’m just babbling. πŸ™‚

      • Faith aside, because to me it’s very obvious you hold strong to your beliefs and I love and respect that, if you can/could suspend that for just a moment, if at all, why is it you believe so strongly that a Soul cannot have more than one lifetime at any given time before rejoining the Creator ultimately at some point after it has reaped the utmost enrichment that it can?

        I ask out of my own curiosity and because I find other people’s answers to be rather, genuinely so, fascinating. πŸ˜€

        For someone who feels they are just spouting off nonsense and babbling, you come off very clear and “straight to the point” to me. I don’t know if that’s just me. :3

        And you are most welcome.

      • Hey, no worries! It’s cool that you’re most curious. Anyway, here goes another babble:

        It’s not that I’m saying it’s totally impossible for that to happen. Maybe it does… but for myself, I do not want to get used to the notion that there’s always the next lifetime to enrich the soul. I would want to believe that my time and my life right now should be lived to the fullest possible extent to enrich my soul and not wait for the next life or the one after that.

        So, it’s like saying. I don’t know what’s true or not, but I would want to live with this belief so I can always seize the day and not waste this life I have now. πŸ™‚

      • I love that and that is a beautiful response in my book. I feel the same way though. While I do personally believe in reincarnation, I am also of the mindset we should still make our lives count and enrich them the best way possible, whether it’s our 1st, 100th, or last lifetime or no. I think that is an important thing no matter who you are or what you believe. πŸ™‚

        Thank you for sharing that insight with me. It was most appreciated!

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  9. My blog is almost entirely on this subject – Search for The Soul – my search takes me first to my own culture, Hinduism and what it has to say about Soul, ego, karma, reincarnation, and release from the cycles of rebirth, getting to know your soul, are you your soul? etc – later i propose to research what other cultures have to say and thus the remarks here are so valuablew for my future studies on soul – finally i propose to research the free thinking of New age thought which combines all the cultural influences in a new look at the concept – fresh and exciting like science fiction and feels so authentic to our modern way of looking at things – new wine in new bottles. thanks all anyway for the inputs.


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