Daily Prompt: Nightmares
Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

I have not been having dreams lately.
Maybe it’s because I always lack sleep recently (sleeping late and waking up early) that I almost always drift to non-REM sleeps every time I hit the sack.

But I am no stranger to nightmares.
It is most curious, however, that my nightmares do not have elements of fanstasy to it.
They do not involve monsters or fictional far away lands.

When I was young, I remember I would always wake up crying and scared to a dream wherein my mom would forget about me and leave me behind. She never did this in real life, of course. But I remember waking up with the feeling that what happened was so real. There was this one dream that my mother and I was trying to catch a jeepney. She carried me up the back entrance but she was not able to ride it herself and she was left behind. I remember I was crying so hard that even when I woke up, I was hollering like a baby with tears streaming down my face.

As an adult my nightmares were still about family. Now that I was the one who left them behind, my nightmares were about finding out that my family isn’t perfect at all. Well, I know it is not literally perfect. But for me, it’s as perfect as it could ever be and I could not wish for anything more.

However, I had this weird dream where we supposedly found out that my youngest sister had a different father than me and my other sister. I dreamt that my mother told us all about it and I cried. I woke up crying and heart broken. Heartbroken for me, for my sister, and especially my father.

I’m glad it was just a bad dream. But I hate how dreams have the power to make one thing feel so real. Not just the bad dreams, but also the good ones. You wake up either feeling so sad and scared for nightmares or so happy but devastated that it wasn’t true.


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