Daily Prompt: Undo

If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

To start off (and to make things a little bit challenging), I am already cancelling out inventions or discoveries that have (or perceived to have more) negative impacts to us. Like cigarettes, illegal drugs, missiles, weapons, and the atomic bomb. I want to stick to those that are actually helpful and commonly used inventions today.

If I could actually un-invent something useful, this would be the advent of:
Credit cards!

Oh, yes!
These mean little things are very helpful to us, especially for transactions in cyberspace.
I love them. Yet, I hate them all the same.

I love how convenient it is to buy an outfit in Forever 21.
I love how easy it is to book a flight to Singapore.
I love how, in just a flash, you can upgrade from iPod Touch 4 to iPad Mini.
All with the just a swipe or an input of a few numbers.


I hate how I now crave for a new outfit every time I pass by the mall.
I hate how I would always want to book unplanned trips.
I hate how I am always thinking of upgrading my gadgets.
All because it’s just a swipe or an input of a few numbers away.

I would choose to undo the creation of credit cards.
So that the probability of impulsive buying
and increasing debt will be less than what we have now.
We would have to save, budget or allot cash for every thing we want to buy.
This, in turn, would make us plan buying luxuries and focus more on what we need.
It will make us live within our means and we will be debt free (or at least debt-less?)!


4 thoughts on “Undo

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  2. Very much agreed, in fact I have never owned a credit card, I can use my debit card to book flights or buy things on line but when the money runs out that’s it, tighten the belt till the end of the month.

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