My most satisfying meal will probably include at least one of my favorite foods plus rice and coke! Below are the top three on my favorite foods list.

1. Beef Kulma

This is beef in coconut milk with spices and peanut butter. My favorite version of this dish is by my father, which is super spicy. And since this dish is not known here in Manila (spicy or not), I only get to taste this every time I go home to Zamboanga. I always request my father to cook this dish for me and I am already satisfied with having only this and rice for days.

2. Spicy Eggplant

I only made up the name of this dish because it doesn’t really have a name of its own. The recipe for this was only made up by one of my aunts who now lives (unfortunate for me, at first) in Alaska. Good thing, my dad and other aunt learned this dish. So now I only have to ask them (I only have to show my face to them, really) and they cook it for me. They know how much I love this food.

The way this tastes is similar with beef kulma only instead of beef, it’s eggplant.
So it also has coconut milk and different spices. Only difference, I think, is that it doesn’t have peanut butter in it.

I love spicy food, I love anything with coconut milk, and I love eggplant!
So this dish is really a win-win for me!

3. Chicken Wrappies

This is another dish with a made up name but this time by one of my aunts. She also created the recipe for this and is now in the menu in one of the restaurants in Zamboanga. And every time we have a gathering, we pre-order this from the restaurant.

This is chicken with vegetables, cream cheese, mayonnaise, and other stuffs enveloped in lumpia wrapper. All I can think the first time I tasted this was: “OMG! This is heaven!”. So this has joined the foods I make sure to eat every time I go home.

This post is in response to Daily Prompt: Seconds!


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