Daily Prompt: Fantasy

The Tooth Fairy (or Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus . . .) : a fun and harmless fiction, or a pointless justification for lying to children?

Definitely a harmless fiction.
Well, in the Philippines, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are not popular fiction told to kids. So most kids in our country don’t know them, actually. All except for Santa Claus.

I will never ever forget the feeling I had as a kid during Christmas mornings. Having to wake up to presents that magically appeared overnight under the tree, all with the card saying it’s from Santa Claus. And previously empty stockings, now filled with candies to the brim. Also, days before Christmas, we would write him a letter asking for what we want and we would leave it by the window.

There was one Christmas that trumps all my memories of Santa. On Christmas Eve, my cousin got a present from her godfather. It was a complete set of cool pens and stationery. I was so jealous that I wanted one for myself. And I knew that it was too late to ask one from Santa because he would not have the time to buy or create one for me since its already Christmas eve. Plus, how will he get my letter on time? So all I did was cry that night. Christmas morning came, and there was a gift for me from Santa. I opened it and saw the exact gift set my cousin got the night before. I was so happy that I wanted to scream my thank you to Santa. Right then, I’ve always been so grateful to him and as an eternal thank you, I vowed to never be a naughty kid again.

After that everything was a blur.

I never knew how I got to know the truth about him not being real.
My parents never told me.
No friend of mine blew the whistle.
Maybe it was because of watching movies or reading stuff that I got to know.
But it was never clear.
I just got to understand that whatever my mama and papa did during Christmas was a part of a tradition that they did not want to break.

I do not even remember the first Christmas I stopped receiving gifts with the card written “From Santa Claus” on it. I never remember being heartbroken about it. May be because the other two Santas in my life– mom and dad– never stopped giving me their love and gifts. And those are the best Santa Clauses a child can ever have.

So maybe, it is a good idea to let children have a few good memories to keep with them. It’s the memory of having that feeling at least once in your life that is worth all the lies. Of course, you have to couple this with never-ending love, support, and proper candor (in time) from loved ones. Always.

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