Soda Diaries: Finally!

Finally, I drank soda after 55 days of abstaining from it.

I got a 1.5L bottle.
(instagrammed it immediately, of course!)

Don’t worry! I didn’t finish the entire bottle.
I just downed one glass.
And honestly, I’m all set.

Maybe it’s because I am more of a soda-in-can kind of drinker (yes, there’s a difference in the taste depending on the container. Trust me. We addicts can tell! And the ones in cans are my favorites!) , but I am actually not craving for soda that much anymore.

Well, okay. I missed its taste and “kick”!
But now I know, I can resist giving in to it unlike before.
Now I know, I can live not getting to drink it at least once a day unlike before.
I now have the will!

I open the fridge.
I see a bottle of soda… and I grab the bottle of water instead.
I pat myself on the back.

Talk about change. 🙂


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