Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss


A newly wed’s first kiss!
I took this photo during my old college room mate’s wedding last October 2010.

This is in response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home


Grand Palace in Bangkok Thailand
A complex of marvelous buildings in the heart of the city, which were once home to Thai royalties.

This photo is of the main building in the compound. I will try to post the other pictures in another post. (Click here for more photos.)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique


— Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands

I took this photo the second time I went to visit Singapore. And no matter how many times I get to see it, I’m still in awe of it’s uniqueness and majesty every time.


This post is in response to WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: UNIQUE.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love and Beyond


Killing two challenges with one photo…