Holding Hands


Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
I took this photo last May 2010.

This truly is a sight to behold.
No amount of words or camera technology can really capture the majesty of this man-made structure. To be able to visit and catch a glimpse of the towers is really an experience that does not only marvel the eyes, but also awakens so many emotions. It really is an art.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color (Colors of Southeast Asia)

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Pham Ngu Lao Street


Ho Chi Minh’s backpacker’s area.
Taken last February 2012.

Saigon Trip 2012

This video was shot and edited by my Saigon travel buddy, Tatia.
I miss everything about Ho Chi Minh.
The food. The sights. The people. The coffee.
I will definitely have to go back.


I figured most posts regarding the topic “Places”, people will be talking of places they have been to and/or want to go to. But prior to arriving to these places, we suffer the arduous process of getting in line and waiting at the airport or bus terminal.

As someone who has to take flights at least twice a year, I have had my fair share of waiting.20130303-001451.jpg

Waiting to check-in.
Waiting to board.
Waiting for the “fasten seat belts” sign to go off.
Waiting to be greeted by a loved one or a new adventure.

Then going back from these trips,
I wait again.
Waiting to check-in again.
Waiting to board again.
Waiting for the “fasten seat belts” sign to go off again.
Waiting to go back to reality.

I’m used to it, though.
One can’t help but find ways of making the waiting times bearable and even fun.

You have no choice but to do so.

You learn to endure all the waiting because what’s at the other end is and will be totally worth it.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details


A buddhist temple in Chinatown, Singapore.
Taken last May 2010.

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Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
Taken last February 2012.

Moving Lights


Taken at Orchard Road, Singapore last March 2011.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward


Never looking back. Always looking forward.

I took this photo of my friend while we’re on the way to the Sentosa island in Singapore last February 2012. This is the walkway to the island from the mall, Vivo City.

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Grand Palace – Bangkok, Thailand

Here are more photos of the Grand Palace during my trip to Bangkok.
The pictures don’t do justice the beauty and majesty of it all.
You’ve got to see it for yourself. As for now, enjoy the pictures! 🙂









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Zamboanga Hermosa


This is the raw shot of the picture of I used as header image for this blog —
Unedited shot of the sunset by the beach in my hometown with the iconic vintas going with the cool sea breeze.

Beautiful Zamboanga indeed. 🙂