First Light: Ocean

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I thought about was the super weird dream I had.
It was of the ocean.

The dream began with me in the middle of the ocean.
I wasn’t in the water. It’s either I was flying over it or I was in a floating vessel with no clear visible edge and was not rocked by the ocean’s waves.

I felt the hot sun on my skin.
I was fast approaching the shore of a beautiful island with a white sand beach.
Just before I hit the sand, I see two adult sea turtles making their way to the water. They got to the water and started to swim to the deep end. They swam and paddled their hardest but the strong waves of the ocean kept pulling them back to shore.

I left the struggling creatures and went inside a very modern man made shelter.
Inside the building was like a public ocean park with a large aquarium.
The aquarium being the ocean itself.

I just stood there mesmerized and scared of all the vast blue emptiness.
Then all of a sudden, a big whale swam vertically beside the glass that separates air from the water. The whale had a see through bottom. I can see all the little fish and corals inside its mouth. And just like in the movie, Life of Pi, everything was luminous.

It was a gorgeous sight to see.
I took out my phone and took a picture.

Then I woke up.
Weird, huh?

This post was in response to Daily Prompt: First Light.



“A bird in the hand is worth two in a bush.”

I don’t use this cliché very often.
For one thing, this is uncommon or have no equivalent in my first language (which is Filipino).
But mostly for the reason that I’m the type of person who seeks the two birds in the bush.

As long as there’s a guarantee that there ARE birds in the bushes, I go for it.
Regardless, if I get them or not.

I guess, I’m still young, idealistic, and stupid that way.
Yes, the one already in hand is worth more but I really have nothing big to lose (yet).

So I just go for it.

Most of the time with patience.
Every time with hope.
All the time with faith.

This post is in response to Daily Prompt: Cliché.

A Plot of Earth

Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

Land and money?
What else to do with it but to build a dream home!

A home where each of my immediate family has their own room.
A home with a library. Books from floor to ceiling.
A home with a mini theater where I can watch my favorite films.
A home with a pool and mini bar.
A home with a state-of-the-art kitchen.
A home with a mini farm.

All this plus a means to sustain it, like:
Building an inn nearby or a hotel; or
Building small homes to be rented out.

Oh, to dream is such a wonderful thing.


Daily Prompt: Nightmares
Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

I have not been having dreams lately.
Maybe it’s because I always lack sleep recently (sleeping late and waking up early) that I almost always drift to non-REM sleeps every time I hit the sack.

But I am no stranger to nightmares.
It is most curious, however, that my nightmares do not have elements of fanstasy to it.
They do not involve monsters or fictional far away lands.

When I was young, I remember I would always wake up crying and scared to a dream wherein my mom would forget about me and leave me behind. She never did this in real life, of course. But I remember waking up with the feeling that what happened was so real. There was this one dream that my mother and I was trying to catch a jeepney. She carried me up the back entrance but she was not able to ride it herself and she was left behind. I remember I was crying so hard that even when I woke up, I was hollering like a baby with tears streaming down my face.

As an adult my nightmares were still about family. Now that I was the one who left them behind, my nightmares were about finding out that my family isn’t perfect at all. Well, I know it is not literally perfect. But for me, it’s as perfect as it could ever be and I could not wish for anything more.

However, I had this weird dream where we supposedly found out that my youngest sister had a different father than me and my other sister. I dreamt that my mother told us all about it and I cried. I woke up crying and heart broken. Heartbroken for me, for my sister, and especially my father.

I’m glad it was just a bad dream. But I hate how dreams have the power to make one thing feel so real. Not just the bad dreams, but also the good ones. You wake up either feeling so sad and scared for nightmares or so happy but devastated that it wasn’t true.

Writing Room

Daily Prompt: Writing Room

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

I really had to think carefully of this wish for I would not want it to be a waste.
So I started doodling.

I am not much of an artist so all I came up with was a long reclining chair where you can also put your feet up, a table that can be moved to be placed on top of the chair and moved away if not in use, and a view of the ocean. But then taking a step back, I realized, it looked like a hospital room with the adjustable bed and the swivel-y table. It was a room in a hospital by the sea!

I laughed, tore the drawing, and thought: What the heck! This shouldn’t be so hard. Reading is one of my favorite tasks in the world. And writing has become a new passion. To be able to read and write is already perfect for me. Heck! I now read and write in a roll up bed on the floor surrounded by my favorite books and I am already in cloud nine.

Well, okay. I do wish for a better place and that would be my very own library!

  • I wish it to be surrounded by books from floor to the ceiling with a large desk in the middle– large enough to be a dining table for six!
  • On one corner is a lamp and a big lazy boy couch where I can put my feet up.
  • Also, I wish it to have a feeling of a rainy day outside — not warm but not too cold.
  • As for the view, it would be nice see nature a field of green, a big garden or the ocean perhaps.

Above all, music should not be absent from the room. Though I rarely listen to music while reading and writing, it would be a nice break and source of inspiration and motivation for doing so.