Favorite Person

How does one conclude that a person is his/her favorite? Hmm. Such a subjective decision.

Anyway, I’ve decided that my favorite person is someone I always long for company and someone I am always amazed by. Also, I’ve just narrowed it down to people I actually know in person.

And so far, I can say my favorite person is my father.

  • I super miss his cooking.
  • His kakulitan.
  • His attempt to always stay youthful and succeeds.
  • His singing along to Cher Lloyd, One Direction, and Lady Gaga.
  • His lighted shoe laces.
  • His slow driving.
  • His smile when playing Angry Birds.
  • His jibberish when mad.
  • His lame excuse as to why he tears up when watching Notting Hill.

The longest we’ve been apart is 10 months. It sucks to not live with my family anymore. I miss them.