Love on Screen

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Love on Screen was a post-valentine event held by a local retail establishment last weekend.

This was a free outdoor showing of three romantic comedies, each one from the last three decades. All you need to do was bring a blanket (optional) and find a spot and you’re all set.

80’s – Some Kind of Wonderfulskw
Soundtracks of these 80’s films alone will get anyone goosebumps and warm-fuzzy butterflies of nostalgia. Add to this the classic best-friends-who-fall-for-each-other act and you get the perfect chick flick!

220px-NottingHillRobertsGrant90’s – Notting Hill
Hugh Grant. Need I say more? (For me, he’s the perfect epitome of what a male celebrity is. The smile. The hair. The accent. Ugh.)
Anyway, make this handsome chap play a boy-next-door falling in love with a famous celebrity (that is Julia Roberts) that delivers him a catchy cheesy line makes it really all “Surreal… but nice!”.

2000’s – 50 First Datesgp055767
Balancing all the mushy-ness is the hilarious romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. This is where comedy outweighs the romantic part more. Hilarious but tragic and gets you to say “aaaw” all at the time.

I consider these three films classics of their own time when it comes to the romantic comedy genre. And I am really happy and proud of the establishment that thought of this.

Roses were handed out.
Proposals were made.
Hearts were warmed.

Bonifacio High Street provided a venue to spread love,
and I hope that this becomes a tradition every year.
Kudos! 🙂

This post is in response to Daily Prompt: B+.

The Clock

I was walking down the last stretch of street towards my house.
No. Not walk. More like float.

I looked at my wristwatch.
Quarter past eight.
Fifteen more minutes and he will be gone forever.

“Just breathe.”, talking to myself loudly. “You’re getting ahead of yourself.”
Also, wasn’t this the point of these six months?
Six months of planning and coming up with strategies.
And wasn’t I the one who convinced him to take the shot?
Wasn’t it I who said that it was now or never?

This is when the tears started streaming down my face.
I wiped them angrily but they just wouldn’t stop.
It’s a good thing the street’s deserted or I would’ve looked like a mad woman.

What’s gotten into me?
He’s my best friend and I want what’s best for him.

How the hell am I suppose to know what’s best for him?
What if I’m what’s best for him?
And not this pretty little rich girl he’s been dreaming of since we were in the fifth grade?

I looked at the time again.
Eight thirty-one.
It doesn’t matter anymore.
His plane would have taken off by now.
And forty-five minutes from now, she would greet him at the gate with a kiss and probably run off into the sunset of wherever.

I arrived at home still with a heavy feeling of regret and what ifs.
Sitting on the living room sofa just staring at nothingness.
I just sat there.

My useless reverie was disturbed by a car pulling over in the driveway.
I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.

9 o’clock.
Could it be? Could it be he changed his mind?
And instead of getting on the plane, he drove back here?
I stood up. Looking at the front door as it opened.

I held my breathe.
A familiar face.
But not the face I was expecting.
My mom walked towards me and said: “Are you okay?”
I burst out crying.

This post is in response to Daily Prompt: The Clock.

Cupid’s Arrow

Daily Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow

It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!

This daily prompt really got me stumped.
I’m not really touchy-feely when it comes to love.
Some might say I’m cynical about it. (I’m changing that, promise!)

It is weird because I am such a sucker for romantic comedies and love stories and love songs.
I’m like a wide-eyed puppy getting lost in Jane Austen, dramatic and tragic operas.
But when it comes to real life, I can’t help but scoff and raise an eyebrow at it.

Maybe that’s just it.
I see love as an element of fiction.
Like magic or alternate worlds, they are nice to visit, imagine, and wish they come true.
But, in reality, love is hard work.
Whoever or whatever it is you love, you really got to work at keeping the love alive.

Yes, I think love does exist.
I just don’t think I’m cut out for all the stress and pain it comes with.
Not yet, anyway.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love and Beyond


Killing two challenges with one photo…