Shoulda Woulda Coulda : Soda Diaries

Daily Prompt: Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Tell us about something you know you should do . . . but don’t.

I love sodas!
I love carbonated drinks.
I love them so much that I got into the habit of drinking at least one can per day.

I know that I should stop drinking too much of it.
I know it’s unhealthy.
I know it’s an added expense.

I do it anyway.

I love the dark sodas more, like Coke and Pepsi.
But I love the no-sugar versions most, like Coke Zero and Pepsi Max.
I don’t have an ultimate favorite between the two because sometimes my choice depends on my mood.

There are times when a meal feels incomplete without it.
There are times when I’m just craving it for no reason.
There are times when I would rather drink it than have something to eat.

I know it’s just a matter of time when my body will betray me and start reacting to all the soda I’m giving it.
But how? How do I stop?

I love sodas!