First Light: Ocean

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I thought about was the super weird dream I had.
It was of the ocean.

The dream began with me in the middle of the ocean.
I wasn’t in the water. It’s either I was flying over it or I was in a floating vessel with no clear visible edge and was not rocked by the ocean’s waves.

I felt the hot sun on my skin.
I was fast approaching the shore of a beautiful island with a white sand beach.
Just before I hit the sand, I see two adult sea turtles making their way to the water. They got to the water and started to swim to the deep end. They swam and paddled their hardest but the strong waves of the ocean kept pulling them back to shore.

I left the struggling creatures and went inside a very modern man made shelter.
Inside the building was like a public ocean park with a large aquarium.
The aquarium being the ocean itself.

I just stood there mesmerized and scared of all the vast blue emptiness.
Then all of a sudden, a big whale swam vertically beside the glass that separates air from the water. The whale had a see through bottom. I can see all the little fish and corals inside its mouth. And just like in the movie, Life of Pi, everything was luminous.

It was a gorgeous sight to see.
I took out my phone and took a picture.

Then I woke up.
Weird, huh?

This post was in response to Daily Prompt: First Light.


Resolved 2013

I was never a fan of New Year’s Resolutions so I don’t remember a time that I made one.

But this year, since every one seems to be avoiding making one, I would like to go against the wave of mainstream and would attempt to start making one.

With further deliberation (with myself), I’ve come to decide with one, which is:


So how’s it coming along, do you ask? 9 days in and so far, total FAIL! hahaha

However, I have to say that I did improve from last year’s water drinking habit. At least now, I’m sure to make a conscious effort to drink more water (or at least drink water) instead of colored liquids (OK. Sodas. Haha)

Yehey to me? 😛